"Swanning around the Claddagh" Fine Art Prints
"Swanning around the Claddagh" Fine Art Prints
Geraldine Kilmartin Art

"Swanning around the Claddagh" Fine Art Prints

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The Claddagh is famous for its swan population of over 100 swans, yet, I had to take over 100 photographs to try to capture a swan splash landing with the iconic "Long Walk" in the background.

While trying to create this painting, I discovered that these mute swans are anything but mute, constantly communicating with each other and with local Claddagh people and tourists alike while hoping for a tasty snack. One widely held belief is that the mute swan is silent but sings sweetly just before it dies,  thankfully I didn't hear any 'swansong' during my trips to the west bank of the old fishing village!

Some people believe them to be the soles of our ancestors,or the Children of Lir. Either way it is considered very bad luck to harm these majestic creatures.

Although the swan initially appears all white, on closer inspection for painting purposes, they are actually a kaleidoscope of colour from pale green to purple to various shades of tan and grey and that's even on a dull day.

I tried to reflect these subtle colours in her plumage in my painting.

What beautiful creatures in an amazing setting, true "beauty in the everyday".