What is a Giclée Fine Art Print?

Pronounced zhee’clay (French term), this printing method is used by artists and photographers who want to showcase their work and refers to a high-quality print far superior to all other forms of printing. Therefore, the print comes from a specialist printer using specialist methods as opposed to ordinary traditional bulk prints methods. The prints offer an excellent reproduction of the original painting and one can feel the thickness of the ink. All of my prints are made in Ireland. 

What do the frames look like?

All frames used are manufactured in west Cork to highest specifications, are solid wood, are hand finished. They have real glass with built in hangers for hanging in portrait or landscape.  The frames I use are used by Artists and photographers to showcase their art because of their simple design, they are white in colour and I combine them with an off white named and signed mount. If you wish to have your print framed yourself, I provide the option (on most of my prints) to purchase an unframed print in sizes that can be sourced easily off the shelf or can be framed by your framer. See below for examples of my framed prints.


How are unframed prints presented?

Depending on the stocks at the time of purchase I either use wet mounts or dry mounts. Wet mounting is a technique for attaching prints to a foam backing board that is the same size as the print using adhesive material and the application of pressure. Wet mounting is technically irreversible and these can be displayed on a shelf as is or if can be framed. 

In dry mounting, a mount surrounds the print and this is attached to the print and backing board with ph neutral tape. As with framed prints, the mount is named and signed at the front and the print is also labelled at the back of the backing board and is presented in a specialist size cellophane envelop to fit the print. Suitable for framing with a frame of your choice.

See image below an example of the presentation of unframed mounted print:

What size are your prints?

My prints are available in two sizes: Large (20" x 16") and Medium (16" x 12")

If there is a size that you would love to get it’s not offered here please email me and I’ll do my best to accommodate you. 
Are there any original paintings for sale currently?

Yes, I have some originals are for sale. They will be available on my website soon. In the meantime, please email me details for original art works.

Can I arrange click and collect?
Absolutely, Please contact me to enquire. 

What are your postage charges?

  • Ireland Standard: €10
  • UK and EU: €30
  • Rest of World: €50 

What are your terms and conditions?
All of our terms and conditions are listed here.

If you have any more queries, please contact me and I will be happy to help.