Geraldine Kilmartin Art

Himself: the bull! - Original Oil Painting

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The Story Behind This Artwork

He may be huge and look fearsome but these guys are so friendly, they approach people looking for attention, so if this is the print for you, hang it in a place where he is the centre of attention!. Not for him the sculptured hairstyle, he is the bohemian who looks great without having to try. Every day is a good hair day! These 'heilaan coos’ are a Scottish breed of rustic cattle and are renowned for their friendly nature despite their fearsome horns. Fights never happen in this breed & he is just cool without trying. 

Every day is a good hair day!

I hope you enjoy taking my art to your home. Meaningful storytelling prints not only add fantastic colour to your home but they are a great talking point now that you know the reason it was created!

Original Oil Painting.

Deep frame off white, solid wood
Frame size: 65cm x 55cm
Deep edged canvas size: 45cm x 35cm x 4cm deep
Oil paint on canvas

Note: Image 1 is zoomed in. Image 2 is in full size.