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Most curraghs are so small and light they can easily be carried on one mans back, yet they are used for fishing , the transport of goods and livestock. They have stubbornly endured over generations and are highly manoeuvrable and can navigate swells and even rough seas with relative ease.

Working in unison, the oarsman , each pulling an overlapping thin bladed oar can adjust and maintain their course when wind and tide conspire to push their boat in a contrary direction , all of this whilst wearing oilskins and wellies. Most of these fishermen believe it is better not to learn to swim believing that that showed lack of faith in the boat and prolonged your death in the event of a disaster.

This painting was based on a scene I witnessed late one blustery evening west of Spiddal with the Clare hills in the background.

The deep edged canvas is 46 cm x 60 cm and is bespoke framed on a deep edged solid wood off white frame and is ready to hang! 

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