Geradine Kilmartin Artist
My name is Geraldine, I am an artist living in Galway, in the West of Ireland. Painting has always been part of my life, however, now that my children are flying the nest, I have decided the time is right to pack up my career in the world of Science & Industry, in favour of my indulgence in the world of art.

My art is all about storytelling and finding beauty in the every day, the type of beauty that is hidden in plain sight. My style has been described as: “expressive and emotional”. 


I get my inspiration from everyday Irish scenes, animals and objects. I love nature with its remarkable colour combinations. I depict these scenes in a contemporary & colourful way. 

I believe nature is sending us little messages that I like to paint, every blade of grass and every little bud. Sometimes I get my inspiration from something I see as a sign – a butterfly, a robin or a little white feather that happens to float by. The question I like to ask in my work: Is it just a feather or something more? iI also am a believer in giving something back, please refer to the section on this website on social conscious art. 


I mainly use oils on large canvases, using both a brush and a palette knife to create texture within the painting. I have a qualification in interior design and like to combine this with my art so that the colours that I use in my paintings will compliment the colours that are on-trend in your home decor.